Jamie Oliver's green curry, crispy chicken, kimchee and rice noodles (GF, DF, TMX)

tonight I made a version of this recipe.  It was nice enough though not wow. it was mild enough though that the girls quite liked it (despite initial whinges up the wazoo)

I overcooked the chicken a bit which spoiled it unfortunately. (i used breast)

with the kimchee i didn't have radishes or red or spring onions so i added grated carrot and finely sliced cucumber.  i think the radishes would have been yummier even though i liked my additions and would include them next time.

the green curry was very nice, very mild in flavour.  i cooked the whole thing in the thermomix - i had trouble making a 'paste' out of the herbs etc so i cooked it with the stock for 5 minutes on speed 6. i then added the beans and cooked them for 3 minutes on reverse speed soft then added a finely sliced zucchini and cooked 3 more minutes, all at 100'  could have added even more vegies to this, and less stock - it was very watery (but nice)

won't be a number 1 but will definitely do it again :)

page 88 of 30 minute meals

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