trying to get motivated for dinner...

where's your favourite place to look for dinner ideas?  especially if you have a thermomix?

even though I don't hang out there so much now, i still head straight for forum thermomix every time I want thermomix recipes :D

not sure if it's because i'm a creature of habit or it's just the best place to look! i love all the blogs and other sites around now but i just can't be bothered to look in a heap of different places. i will quite often google if i'm not sure where i might find a recipe, and often end up on a blog or on taste.com.au, but if i know i'll find a thermomix recipe there, i go straight there :)

so tonight i've got chicken and i'm thinking about..............

Honey Soy Chicken?

Salt and Pepper Chicken with a Thai Dipping Sauce? (could i make this without frying do you think?)

or maybe Chicken Moolie...

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