Berry & white chocolate muffins (GF)

the weekend before I made these as i had some yoghurt in the fridge which the kids had rejected for school recesses.  the kids loved them though G & I found them wayyyyy too sweet. i think the sugar in the flavoured yoghurt AND the chocolate was probably too much with the 1/2 cup of added sugar.

they were very quick and easy to make though so i'll definitely make them again when we have yoghurt. i used frozen mixed berries though i think any kind would be good.


Anonymous said...

not sure im doing the right thing, but would like some help please. I am looking for Sorghum grain or flour. Grain as i can make flour in TM. Can anyone help me find a place to buy it. I live in small town Gayndah 4625QLD.
Email twilight711@hotmail.com
Regards Pam

brazen's crafts said...

hi pam, i get my sorghum flour as jowar flour at an indian supermarket, have never seen the grains though.

if you can't find it online maybe try Jo at quirky cooking, she might be able to help :)

Thread said...

Hi Brazen,
We've written a review on the TMX and have included some extra links at the end of the review, including a link to your site. Just though we'd let you know! You can view it on our site www.thethread.com.au under 'food for thought'- gadgets and gurus.