so where was i?


that's right, my depressing week in food.

well, a confession, it's school holidays here, i'm stressed at home and work and really couldn't care what we are eating (oops)

so, on Tuesday i rejected the beef curry and we had Crust pizza for dinner (again) unfortunatley i ordered a pizza geoff refused to eat (it had fruit on it - see, fussiness!) and i didn't like it - bleh :( first crust pizza i've really hated (was the 5 spice duck btw). usually adore crust pizzas...

wednesday night we had ummmmm i can't even remember! i know I had the leftover satay chicken (which i had also had for a work lunch one day) and the rest of the family had something else but no idea what lol

thursday night geoff cooked with emelia and we had spag bol - no complaints there! (me, i'm a bit over it but will eat it just for the sake of peace lol)

tonight i realised we still hadn't eat the damn beef curry. but it was so meh the other day i just couldn't get into it. decided pastry fixes everything! bought pastry, heated pie filling in thermomix while thickening and chopping at the same time. well, when tmx decided to cooperate and not beep error messages at me :( discovered gluten free pastry i knew i had in the freezer was sweet pastry not puff *sigh* made pie for ryan who hid it in the bin. added extra curry to ours which improved it somewhat. emelia made her own baked beans and some for rora who also had a frozen GF sausage roll. so minimal whinging tonight but no one all that excited...

so, so far this week has not been too bad whinge-wise - mainly because we have eaten pretty crappily!!! *sigh*

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