Quick Strawberry Cake (GF, TMX)

Rora wanted strawberry cake but all the recipes i'd used before, and those i could find, used nuts (our school is nut free) except those with jello / jelly. I had an unopened packet of jelly in the pantry without a box which i thought was probably strawberry or something like it, and one last packet cake box, so decided to go with that.

I started with this recipe but changed it to suit - i couldn't see why a recipe with a packet cake AND jelly would need more sugar! I also didn't have any strawberry puree, only frozen berries (fresh frozen by me for smoothies, but still frozen). the packet cake mix i had was the Basco Vanilla Cupcakes mix.

around 8 medium - large hulled Strawberries
1 box of Gluten Free cake mix
1 box of Strawberry Jelly mix
4 Eggs
110g Oil

place whole strawberries in the thermomix and "puree" for 60 seconds on speed 6, 90'

dump everything else in and mix until lump free (around 10 secs, scrape down, 10 secs)

place into muffin tray - makes 12 large muffins and bake at 160'c for around 20 minutes or until firm to touch

I will probably use the frosting pack to make some frosting to go on top later

super easy and the kids loved them! even if they aren't exactly health food ;)


Lisa Babcock said...

Thank you for the link back. I am so happy that my own recipe was an inspirational springboard for your own creative genius. In my books, that is what it is all about. Gluten Free cake mixes, in our opinion, taste "different". We find it grainy and off. After a years worth of trial and error, we found that the additional sugar is needed along with the jello to bring the taste back up to par. It is by no means necessary if you are already accustomed to less sugar. That is the beauty of a recipe, one size DOES NOT fit all and should be tweaked to suit your own needs. The sole purpose of the gelatin in the recipe was to add the elasticity and "texture" back. We are so happy with it that we will no longer cook nor eat a Gluten Free cake without the Gelatin. Happy baking! :-)

Karen TW said...

thanks for that lisa, i will keep it in mind! i think aussies have different tastebuds ;) i would usually automatically reduce the sugar by 1/3 - 1/2 from any american recipe! lol

very interesting about the gelatine!