Cheers and Boos for Aldi (GF)

Aldi have been updating all their gluten free information and labelling. the great news is that there are more products actually labelled gluten free and that by making their labelling clearer they are making people who need to eat gluten free safer :)

the bad news is that MANY of the products we used to buy there are no longer gluten free, but carry a "may contain traces..." warning :(

my last list contains many products we no longer buy, such as:
  • plain rice crackers
  • fresh rice noodles
  • baked beans ( you need to buy the cheaper brand as the other brand contains gluten)
  • curry pastes
  • lollies
  • plain chips and corn chips
  • aldi version of twisties
things like the rice crackers are a huge disappointment - they are a staple for rora and now i HAVE to go to another supermarket to get them! i hate shopping! lol

they still do have their gluten free range occasionally (i cannot understand the logic of actaully developing packaging etc but not having it as a permanent line) but not all the time.

there are some items that are now labelled Gluten Free such as the hot dogs. i can't remember what else! lol

some items no longer seem to be available readily such as the marshmallows or mini meringues, and I've just been told that the organic corn chips and salsa are no longer available. i'm really sad about the corn chips as they were on eof the few flavoured chips available GF without buying some special (expensive) brand :(

so while i am pleased they are looking after us it does make life more difficult at the same time!


Anonymous said...

When you say rice crackers, do you mean the small ones or the larger ones for a bread substitute? If it is the bread substitute, they still have the Corn and Rice ones! Also, the baked beans from Coles are GF and only $0.15 dearer! I had noticed that the labelling on the organic tomato paste had changed too!


The Bush Gourmand said...

Make sure you let them know of your dissatisfaction, Karen.
It's just not good enough!
I'm always writing to companies and complaining. Generally, they do something about it, but most just send a voucher and apologise.

Karen TW said...

Michelle, the small ones. Rora won't eat the rice cakes anymore (she overdosed by having them for breakfast every single day for the first year GF lol) so i haven't checked those lately.

Megan, I'm not that dissatisfied, as i said, they are making it safer by labelling things that may contain traces so that we know, whereas before we were taking the chance by assuming things were GF. i'd rather be safe than sorry! though it would be nicer if they'd try to get more guaranteed GF things!

Kelly Nolan said...

I would ask them about what precautions they take. Frito Lay in the U.S. is pretty good; I love their Fritos.

On a side note, I may just mention that I got an email recently Re: Aldi's Special Buys 21 April 2011, and the "Has no..." range is coming back soon. I have just posted last night on it (and listed their products)...