Gluten Free in Spence - yum!

the Spence supermarket (aka a Friendly Grocer) opened a month or two ago and we finally popped in to check it out (after finally making it to choku bai jo* to buy some DECENT F&V at last *breathe sigh of relief*).

the new (old) owners have made some nice changes including a deli and cafe there! you can even sit out in the sun to sip your latte :)

along with it - almost all the cakes there are gluten free! the owner told me they were made by a lady who just makes GF cakes. we tried a blondie which was very yummy - if very sweet, and quite expensive at $4.75 for a piece approx 2.5" x 1.5"

other GF cakes included large raspberry ones (not sure if they were big friands or cakes or muffins lol), brownies, a choc cherry slice, a pistachio cake that looked delish, and at least one other kind i can't remember, oh and there was a date one too.

scattered through the shop are plenty of GF items including heaps of brands of pasta, and cereals etc.

definitely the place to go if you need something GF at the last minute in the area!

*choku bai jo please please PLEASE do home delivery! please! we just can't make it there every week and i HATE having to eat F&V from anywhere else :(

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