mmmm soup!

Best thing about the cooler weather is being able to eat soup :)

last night i wanted to make a very quick and lazy soup for work day lunches. I had a bag full of pumpkin geoff had peeled and cut into large pieces. I put a few tspns of stock concentrate in a saucepan with the pumpkin and filled the saucepan with hot water. when the pumpkin was nearly done i added in a drained tin of cannelini beans. i decided it needed something else for flavour and found a half jar of pesto in the fridge. added that in and then used a stick blender to make it smooth. ate it today and YUMMO! the beans added just enough protein to keep me from getting hungry before getting home so perfect! (just plain vegie soups aren't enough for me these days)

definitely one to do again!


The Bush Gourmand said...

...and how come your DH peeled and chopped up all that pumpkin? What's your secret???

Karen TW said...

i think he made a risotto and used some, but cut up half the pumpkin - he knows how much i hate cutting it and peeling it - i usually get him to do it if i can! lol

just remember the other half is still in the back of the fridge and cook it up today too! Lol