Menu Plan - Pantry Week

I am having a week of trying to live out of our pantry and freezer without buying anything but F&V, bread and milk.

indian curries - lamb & veg
pasta fagiole
Red Kidney Bean Curry
pumpkin soup
shepherds pie

gluten free bread
jam drop biccies
ginger nut biccies
carrot cakes for ryan's birthday at school
chocolate cake for ryan's birthday @ bowling


Amanda said...

ooh I want to try and do that. I do have quite a bit of stuff to get rid of

Jenny Schimak said...

I was so excited to 'find' you. Haven't seen you around the traps since many years ago, on the Cookie Jar. I'm hoping to buy a Thermomix after the financial year ends, so am happily looking around for more information. So pleased I stumbled onto your blog.