Quick Pumpkin & Spinach Curry (GF)

based loosely on this recipe, i had a craving for fenugreek seeds and not much but some pumpkin in the fridge.

i heated some oil and gently fried some fenugreek seeds and coriander seeds, and a few chilli flakes.

I then added one diced onion and the diced pumpkin. cooked til the pumpkin was just starting to soften and added in a tin of drained chickpeas and a packet of frozen spinach (totally forgetting about my garden full of silverbeet lol). also added a few tspns of turmeric, some stock concentrate and some water.

i also added approximately a tablespoon of tamarind puree and the same of agave syrup.

i had to keep adding a bit more water to end up with any sort of sauce - and then of course i added too much at the last minute!

we ate ours with homemade butter chicken, basmati rice and pappadums

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