South Pacific Potato Soup

Last night - on our 2nd full day of nearly non-stop rain (hardly known in Canberra) I made South Pacific Potato Soup for dinner. warming and bland enough for our sickies. plus easy as I wasn't in the mood for cooking.

It went down well with the kids but I felt it was a bit flat, missing something. A google of possible recipes for spice / ingredient ideas didn't help. I think next time I'll try an indian version and add in some cardamom and maybe some coriander etc. it would be yum!!!

it was very easy to do in the thermomix, though next time i will change it just a little.

I chopped the onion and garlic, then i chopped the potato, added the ghee and then 'fried' for 5 mins. this was a bit too soggy to actually fry, and it did have that uncooked taste for the onion even after all the cooking, so i will saute the onion and garlic first, then add in the potatoes and chop before frying again.

I also found that the soup took a lot longer to cook than i expected (over 20 minutes) but next time I will try to remember to boil my kettle and use boiling water rather than cold!!!

I forgot to weigh anything or write down times etc so i will do that next time :) I'll add a photo just because I can, even though all it will show was how terribly this soup photographs lol

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Thermomixer said...

At least you're honest :) Love it.