Got Stale Cake? (GF, TMX)

Last Wednesday I made a double batch of gluten free chocolate patty cakes (cupcakes) being one of the few things my whole family will eat (bar me ;))

quite a few got eaten but there were still a LOT left. we took them to a friend's on thursday morning where a handful more got eaten and then I didn't get home til 7pm that night, and they sat in the back of the car for hours before getting home. Gluten free cakes don't stay fresh at the best of times so i knew no one would want these after all that.

They sat in their container waiting to be thrown out. waiting. waiting. and waiting. Eventually today i decided that surely there must be something i could do with them instead of just tossing them (and bakerella's cake pops hadn't excited me all that much when we made them last). so after a bit of googling this is what i made. it was a huge hit :D

Stale Cake 'Stuff'

stale gluten free chocolate cakes - 1 whole cake or around 15 patty cakes
600g milk
40g white rice flour
60g brown sugar
2 eggs
20g butterscotch liqueur (plus extra for soaking if you are making an adult dessert)
strawberry sauce (optional *)

place the cakes in the thermomix, and chop on speed 5 until nicely crumbled, place in a bowl. if using extra liqueur add it now and mix well

place the rest of the ingredients (except strawberry sauce) into thermomix and cook 7 minutes 90' speed 4

place a layer of cake crumbs (around 6mm) on the bottom of a round glass dish (approx 20cm across). top with a gently poured layer of custard.
repeat crumbs, top with strawberry sauce if using, then repeat custard.
repeat crumbs and custard, then top with a final thinner layer of crumbs.

you could also top with grated chocolate or sifted cocoa

leave it to sit for around half an hour (or refridgerate if you want to have it cold) and serve.

* i didn't use the sauce as 2 of my family wouldn't have eaten it then, but i think it would go wonderfully.

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Thermomixer said...

Healthier than I thought - looked like cream. Good to see you not throwing them out - there is always something that you can make.

Is the liqueur a sort of sedative for the kids at bed-time? ;)