To do list!

have been so slack and unmotivated all weekend and now have so much to do today! (holiday here today)

need to make:
  • chocolate cake - DONE will ice if i can be bothered lol
  • carrot cake - DONE x 2
  • banana cake - DONE
  • GF bread - DONE x 2
  • GF chicken nuggets - DONE using homemade mayo!!! yay, my mayo worked!!!
  • get spice mixes ready for butter chicken & potato curry
  • get donut dry mix ready
  • get pancake dry mix ready
  • washing powder
  • hand soap
  • brownies - DONE x 2


Thermomixer said...

What time's dinner?

brazen's crafts said...

LOL there's no dinner on that list!

we're off to the coast next week (just me and the kids) and i'm preparing stuff to take with us...

A Canadian Foodie said...

I would love your soap recipes! I am assuming you use the thermomix to make them. Do you have a blog with the recipes and photos already? If so, please send me the link as I couldn't find it.
I also see you have communicated with Helene in Victoria (Thermomixbimby). Isn't se doing a great little service for us all. I am really excited about her expertize in marketing and how she is bringing it to the floor for all of us to benefit from. ForumThermomix has done that in a different way, too. We, out here in Canada are so isolated, so I am excited about this other connection.
I rss'd your blog
Looking forward to your recipes!