Pizza Crust (GF, TMX)

Last night I made my first gluten free pizza dough from scratch (up til now i had been using the Laucke Meals & Grains bread mix which I always keep in the pantry to make a quick loaf of bread or pizza base). This time i used one of Bette Hagman's recipes - Yeast-Rising Thick Pizza Crust from her Everyday Gluten-Free Cooking book. I changed it slightly and converted it for the thermomix of course ;) it gives a texture very much like the tupperware one i posted a while ago (a bit solid and doughy) but was nice enough. I will make up a batch of the dry ingredients and have them ready to go in the pantry...

i forgot the xanthan gum and had a totally runny dough and wasn't sure how i was supposed to 'spread' the dough out with my hands! then i remembered the gum and voila, it came together in a dough ball like magic!!!!

Hope you enjoy the photos, they were taken for me by Ryan (hence the lower perspective) as my hands were all covered in oil and dough lol

260g brown rice flour
200g tapioca flour
45g dry milk powder
3 1/2 tspns xanthan gum
2 tspns pizza seasoning (optional)
10g white chia seeds

2 tablespoons dry yeast granules (oops, i think i only added 2 tspns)
330g water
1 tab sugar (ooops i forgot this altogether!)
30g olive oil
4 egg whites, at room temperature (i accidentally had one yolk slip in lol)

place all dry ingredients except yeast into the thermomix bowl. mix on reverse speed 4 for 10-20 seconds or until all ingredients are well mixed. place in a bowl, or keep this dry portion in an air tight container for quicker making if you like! or move on...

put water in thermomix bowl and heat on 50' reverse speed soft until it reaches 50' (took 2.5 mins for mine). add yeast, sugar, oil and egg whites through the lid and turn speed up to 4 for 5 seconds.

remove lid and add dry ingredients. mix on Reverse speed 4 for 20 seconds. scrape down sides and mix on reverse speed 4 for a further 10 seconds.

Place half dough on each of 2 baking trays lined with baking paper or a baking sheet. oil your hands well and start to flatten dough out to desired shape and thickness. I had to add a second lot of oil to my hands and found it worked best to smooth with the palm in a slight rocking motion.

let rise for 10 minutes then bake in a 200'c oven for 5-7 minutes. remove and top with desired toppings. bake for a further 20 or so minutes.

this made 2 large pizzas.

as you can see the kids have garlic and parmesan and won't eat anything else on their pizza, while we had a supreme type. you can also see that i need to try this one again to see if actually adding all the ingredients in the right amounts makes a difference lol


Sharon said...

Thanks for the recipe. Just wondering what I could use in the recipe instead if the milk powder as I am dairy free. Thanks. Sharon

Karen TW said...

i haven't made this recipe in a long time as i wasn't all that happy with it LOL however i'm pretty sure i just left the milk powder out. add some flax meal or something in instead :)