Macaroni Cheese, first draft (GF, TMX)

Ok, this was not a success but was nearly a complete success! plus rora likes it and it's very simple (once i get the formula right ;)) so i want to note this to know where to start next time...

if you want to experiment yourself please remember all ingredients are VERY approximate!

100g parmesan cheese, cut into chunks
200-300g tasty cheese, cut into chunks
25g butter, cut into cubes
1 tab GF plain flour
350g low fat milk
350g water
1 packet (250g) San Remo GF pasta

put cheeses in TM bowl and chop for ummm 10 seconds until in smaller pieces (i didn't do this and should have!) place in another bowl.

place all other ingredients in TM bowl. cook for 16 minutes on 90' reverse speed 1

scrape sides down and mix with spatula. add cheese and cook for a further 5 minutes on 90' reverse speed 1

mix with spatula and serve.


Cat J B said...

Ooh, I went looking for a recipe on how to do mac n cheese in my newly aquired thermomix, so will give this a try. Thanks!

Dana said...

I cooked this today for my kids - and they loved it.

brazen's crafts said...

so glad the kids like it Dana, i know Rora loves it! (and i love making it without stirring and without a packet lol)

Cat, i hope it worked ok!