Curry Vegie Fritters (GF, TMX)

I'm not going to post the method, as this is more a record of ingredients for me :) This recipe is in the new "A Taste of Vegetarian" cookbook from Thermomix. it is vegan and a perfect recipe to use up leftover veg in your fridge ;) here is the gluten free version i made tonight which was YUM!!!! 5/5!

it's a funny recipe though - you swear there's no way it's enough batter for that amount of veg but it's perfect!

600g roughly chopped veg - i used 1 onion, 1 small yellow capsicum (though something red would have been great ;)) half a small cauliflower, some beans and 3 small potatoes, plus half a bunch of finely chopped coriander
3 corn cobs, kernels removed
2 cloves garlic
110g gluten free plain flour (i used white wings)
80g besan / chickpea flour
1 tspn garam masala (made in tmx ;))
1 tspn curry powder
210g water
oil for frying

** see the recipe book for the method!

as i didn't have any avocado to make the salsa the book suggests and dh doesn't like it, i just mixed natural yoghurt and sweet chilli sauce, though i'd thought a spiced yoghurt (with cumin, coriander, S&P and fresh mint) would have been great, but couldn't be bothered to do it lol

i think that these made in teaspoonfuls rather than large spoonfuls would make fantastic finger food for a cocktail party

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