Homemade Chicken Nuggets (GF, TMX)

not sure this even counts as a recipe, it's so easy! lol

when rora was first diagnosed as coeliac I was able to buy a pack of frozen chicken nuggets from Freedom Foods, however they are no longer making them. mind you at $10 for 10 nuggets i certainly wouldn't have been buying them often!!

so the other night i made a small batch of nuggets to stash in the freezer, partially inspired by the open pack of FF cornflakes which no one likes (yes, kelloggs CF have gluten). you can use any leftover plain cereals, or rice flakes etc. even quinoa flakes might work.

I cut up 2 chicken breasts into large chunks (well, ok, geoff did that bit ;P). i noticed that rora didn't eat that many of them - though i thought the one i tasted was delicious - so i'm thinking next time i might lightly tenderise the chunks with a meat mallet.

i used about 100g of parmesan cheese, which i pulverised in the thermomix, using speed 6-8 until you can hear no more chunks hitting the sides. i then added in some cornflakes, around 1 cup and chopped some more. i deliberately left mine chunky but the larger pieces wouldn't stick so i would recommend making it fine and smooth. place the crumb mix in a bowl.

then you beat an egg in another bowl.

dip each chicken chunk into the egg, then roll in the crumb mix until well covered.

if you have time it's a good idea to refridgerate for a while before cooking, and you can even repeat the process for a second time if you like (i hate crumbing so i just do one layer!). then bake or fry until golden and cooked through - be very careful not to over cook or they will be dry and unappetising!!!! if you bake you might like to spray with a little cooking spray / oil.

serve with gluten free oven fries - we use the aldi ones in the purple packet - and dipping sauce if desired.


Thermomixer said...

I am not a Chicken Nugget connoisseur, but my other half like them, so made some last weekend - chopped the chicken and made like chicken meatballs before crumbing them - that might work better for Rora?

I then modified the recipe so that I steamed the chicken mix in logs and sliced before crumbing. Currently there are lots of chicken discs in the freezer waiting to be crumbed on demand

brazen's crafts said...

yes i was wondering about the first option - the ones we buy are all breast but not in one piece. let me know how the steamed ones go.