gluten overload!

well, i got the referral from my dr yesterday to have the biopsy done on myself to check for coeliac disease (in case i havne't mentioned it the cheek / buccal swab showed i carry the gene which means a 30% chance of having CD, plus i have a lot of the symptoms). i rang the gastroenterologist yesterday and rather than a 6-9 month wait it will most likely be done in the next month - IF i've been eating enough gluten!

because most of our main meals are gluten free and most of my baking is GF i'm not sure i've been eating enough (i did make sure i was eating some because i knew i wanted the biopsy but i expected it to take ages before it would be done). so now i'm loading up on gluten hoping that they'll say i can go ahead and not have to wait an extra month.

especially as my tummy is now killing me with cramps and is so hard and swollen, and i'm dizzy. anyway, if it turns out NOT to be CD, which is always possible, i have told my GP i'll then want a referral to a dietician so i can work out what IS causing the problem for me, as there is definitely something. bleh. roll on next friday when i have my apmt and can find out how long i'll have to wait...


Anonymous said...

Hi there :-)
I had my test and the Dr said I only needed 5 days of gluten, really. But I just ate heaps of pasta (which I love anyway). It turns out I'm not coeliac, I just have severe IBS... but I feel better when not eating it. I am surprised I'm not. I think given your daughter is, and so on, you have a higher chance. That's awesome that you can get tested so soon!

brazen's crafts said...

5 days is not right!!! (so maybe you are coeliac)

have a read here http://www.coeliacsociety.com.au/downloads/Sept%2008%20Making%20Sense%20of%20your%20diagnosis.pdf