Choc Pix (GF, TMX)

Ok, Emelia and I have just made a double batch... will report later as to how these turned out with the changes * ;) this is a great recipe to make with kids because it's so easy.

Choc Pix (Gluten free, Thermomix version)

210g raw sugar
230g butter at room temp
20g cocoa
150g dessicated coconut
290g Gluten Free SR flour (i used Edwards??)
10g guar gum
2 eggs
1 tspn vanilla

mill sugar on speed 6 for around 20 seconds to make it finer. cream butter & sugar on speed 5 for around 5 seconds, scrape down sides and repeat.

add flour, guar gum, coconut & cocoa. Mix on reverse speed 5 until mostly mixed (20 secs?) add egg & vanilla through lid and mix well - perhaps another 20 seconds on speed 5?

bake 325'F (165'C) for around 8 minutes.

best thing with this recipe is that i don't like them LOL

* they are a bit too dry and crumbly so will play with the recipe again soon to see if i can improve it.

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