Aldi Gluten Free!!!

as of thursday 26th march Aldi will have gluten free stock :) it looks like it might be a permanent range but it's kind of hard to tell from the catalogue and it's not appearing on the website yet. *fingers crossed*

Basco Muffin mixes $4.49
Remiga Pastas 500g (corn & rice based) $3.49
Basco cake mixes $2.89
Hole-Sum Chips 100g $1.99
Lemon Myrtle macadamias 250g $4.99
Chickpea Crisps 175g $1.99

I"m not sure what I've been paying for the basco mixes (i can't find them on the homeshop site and i don't buy them all the time to find the receipt) but a google brought them up at $5.50 from one of the big online stores.


karen said...

I saw the gluten free promotion in the catalogue that arrived today, and was going to email, but you beat me to it :) Yay!

brazen's crafts said...

i have everything crossed that it's permanent because it will grow like their organic range has :)

GF stuff is soooooo expensive, even making it yourself - just the flour is nearly $8/kg! even if i make the flour mix myself (GF flours need to be a mix of flours generally, to get the taste, texture, rise etc right) it's not much cheaper.

c'mon aldi!