Menu Plan - Fast Start(ish)

this week's menu plan is a little different. Weight watchers have brought in a new plan called the Satisfaction plan that supposedly combines the best of the core and points plans (it's about eating more of the foods that keep you satisfied, high fibre etc etc). the problem for is that i hate counting points! luckily they have kept the core plan (now called 'simply filling') so i can keep doing it, but i'm still going to give their "Fast Start" a try - sort of lol

fast start is a week of meals designed to give you a quick entry into what satisfaction is all about. some people have lost heaps of weight doing it apparently. i dont think i will lose anymore than normal (and i already lose quite a lot on the weeks i do lose, usually between 1-2kg at a time) as it's very similar to the sort of food we eat anyway. they do provide breakfasts and lunch ideas too, but the thought of having to buy for and prepare 7 different breakfasts and 7 different lunches just gives me heart palpitations lol so i'm just stickign with my usual thermomix banana porridge (though i'm gradually decreasing the quantity) and will make up 2 of their salad suggestions to have 2-3 days (the lentil salad we had at christmas is one)

there's quite a lot of chicken in this week because apart from it being geoff favourite meat, we don't really eat seafood so i had to replace two seafood meals. i also need to swap out some gluten food such as cous cous etc:

steak and (cous cous) probably amaranth or maybe mashed cannelini beans with cherry tomato sauce and avocado salad

spag bol (last night's)

crumbed chicken fingers with potato wedges

some sort of meat (originally fish but chicken makes it too similar to the meal above, maybe lamb or beef balls) and chips with greek salad

lemon chicken stir fry and rice

roasted vegie pizza

vegetarian noodle stir fry (with rice noodles)

lunches will be the lentil salad and also a salad nicoise for a few days each.

will let you know how the weigh in goes ;)

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Thermomixer said...

Now I can see another reason to be up so early. Where do people get off inventing all these diets??

I don't know which one to try. I lvoe vegies and fruit, but do I go protein or hi-fibre carbs??

Will wait with interest on the new, new, newest approach by Wt Watchers. The Core Plan sounded easy(ish)