Last night's Taco Dinner...

and a long overdue reply for Dani!

last night mum and dad came over for dinner so i went with Tacos to make sure everyone was kept happy :)

anyway, i had needed to make a new batch of taco spice for a while and of course needed to make a GF batch (though it turned out that the aldi taco kits are totally GF from what i can tell!). so then i saw dani's comment which i hadn't replied to and wanted to let dani know that yes, i really enjoyed it when i made the first batch! this time i'm feeling like it's lacking something and i'm not sure what it is... (i did change the recipe slightly)

Gluten-Free Taco Spice Mix
(i made up 5 times this mix which is a LOT lol)

1 tab dried garlic
1/2 tab dried onion
1 tspn oregano
1/4 tab paprika
3 tabs cumin seeds
1.5 tabs beef stock powder
1/4 tab black peppercorns
1 heaped tab GF maize cornflour
1 tab ground coriander

grind in thermomix, i think i did speed 10 for about 5 seconds maybe?

Our GF taco meal
taco shells are generally GF (check labels!) the old el paso and aldi ones we have are at least.
tortillas - rory has the diegos GF corn tortillas (from Coles bread section) and the rest of us have the regular wheat ones (heated and served separately of course)

meat - we made our own mince in the thermomix with some of the whole rump from the freezer. fried up with onions, kidney beans and taco spice. it seemed to be lacking something so i added a can of GF baked beans (heinz) and a large spoonful of tomato paste, plus some water.

served with diced tomato, cucumber (rory has discovered she likes it!), shredded lettuce and grated cheese

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Thermomixer said...

looks like you will not only be the TMX queen of Oz but the GF free goddess too. What energy !!!! pant, pant, pant - that's just getting puffed out from reading all your works.