Gado Gado lunch!


with some help from geoff and ryan we made gado gado for lunch - i love gado gado!

I used this recipe from Taste to make the sauce though i made a few changes for the sake of the kids such as halving the curry paste and not including the chillis. I also halved the sugar and let me tell you it was still obscenely sweet... i had to use raw sugar so i'm not sure if that's the reason though i can't imagine it is. i did feel the sauce was missing something but maybe it was jsut the bits i left out (including ketjap manis which contains gluten).

i am also shocked at how hard it is to buy peanuts these days. i wanted raw peanuts but had to settle for a pack of unsalted roasted as coles had no other brands or packs that i could find - i checked the health section (i was there to buy GF for rora), the fresh F&V section and the baking / nut section but no other peanuts of any kind. crazy.

we served the sauce with:
  • chicken marinaded in tamari & sesame oil, grilled and sliced up
  • raw and steamed green beans
  • raw and steamed carrot sticks
  • raw and steamed pumpkin
  • steamed baby potatoes
  • cucumber sticks
  • capsicum strips
i'm not sure if i wrote all my thermomix notes down but if i did i'll post a gluten free conversion later :)

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Nice and healthy!

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