Spiced roasted chick peas

after finally managing to buy AND soak 2kg of chickpeas without mishap (!!) i decided to make roast chick peas - these are soooo yum!!

so this is the recipe i had found previously. i'd found it when bloglines was down and so had saved it to my bookmarks rather than here on this blog, so it took me a while to find it (i never use my bookmarks lol). in the meantime i found this recipe which sounds yum, i love spices! (in case you didn't guess ;p)

so i've made them, i used some:
olive oil that had been on my minced garlic in the fridge

after a comment from kristen i turned the temperature on my oven down so they would cook slower and not burn! in the end i turned the oven off and left them in there. i've just tried them and they taste ok (needed more salt) but the texture is not great - they are chewy rather than crunchy. will this change when they cool or do they need longer cooking? (i've put them back in the still-warm-but-cooling oven even though there were a few just burnt peas in there)

i'm really hoping these are yummy and end up crunchy as they will be a great ww core snack for me (and ryan and rora love chick peas too)

just updating this post to report back on how they were - i had a few crispy ones in the batch but on the whole they were kind of soggy. after being put in an air tight storage container they all went soggier and soggier. tasted good still but really chewy to eat :( very disappointing.

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Kristin said...

Good luck with this! I've never managed to make a whole batch turn out crispy - usually there is more chewy ones. Let us all know when you find the magic formula : )