Buttermilk Buckwheat Blueberry Pancakes (GF, TMX)

Following Martha Stewart's recipe from Smitten Kitchen, i just subbed in some gluten free alternatives and geoff and i agreed they were better than the "real" thing! yum! i'm the only one who has the berries so feel free to skip those if you like. we have ours with a little maple syrup and on christmas day we'll have bacon too (i love the salty and sweet combo). they'd be nice with the thermomix nutella spread too!

you could easily do this with a food processor or by hand if you don't have a thermomix.

Buttermilk Buckwheat Blueberry Pancakes
gluten free

enough for 4

1 cup (150g) gluten free plain flour (White Wings brand)
1 cup (150g) Buckwheat flour (Lowan brand)
2 teaspoons gluten free baking powder (i didn't have any GF so skipped this)
1 teaspoon bicarb soda
good sprinkle vegetable salt (we use Herbamare)
2 tablespoons (15g) sugar
2 large eggs
600ml (640g) buttermilk
3-4 tablespoons (20g) unsalted butter, melted in the fry pan you're going to cook the pancakes

1 cup or punnet blueberries, fresh or frozen and thawed (optional)

1. Place all ingredients except the blueberries in the thermomix. Mix on speed 6 for 10 seconds. scrape down sides and mix on speed 6 for another 10-20 seconds. Leave to rest for 20 minutes.

2. Heat your pan on a medium heat and grease as needed (i just use cooking spray to regrease between pancakes). pour in around 1/4 - 1/3 cup of batter. If you are having blueberries drop some on top - i usually like to push them down a bit so they sit 'in' the pancake rather than on top of it.

3. when the pancake has bubbled and looks slightly set it's time to flip it over gently. it will only take minutes to brown on the bottom.

4. serve with a drizzle of maple syrup. these would probably be nice with the thermomix strawberry sauce too :)


Penni Russon said...

YUM! What's gluten free plain flour made of? Corn and/or rice? I suspect I might be a bit wheat intolerant soemtimes, but I am too lazy to do anything about it.

Do you think it missed anything now having the baking powder? I would have thought the bicarb would be enough.

brazen's crafts said...

with the baking powder they'd be fluffier but honestly they were fine without it. (like i would never usually put the melted butter in them but for a special occasion i do)

the GF flour has....
maize starch
tapioca starch
rice flour
vegetable gum

dixiebelle said...

Go, Brazen, with the GF!! You are cooking up a storm already and soon, you won't even remember those first few overwhelming days of her diagnosis! It will be barely a blip in your amazing culinary adventure!