Where's the green?

ooops! i forgot to put any green on the plate! by the time i realised i couldn't be bothered to do anything lol but this would be delicious with some steamed / sauteed spinach, green peas, beans or any other green that takes your fancy ;) (it's very very rare that i would serve a non-pasta or rice type meal without green, it felt very weird to eat it lol)

it did taste delicious though!! ryan and emelia polished their plates off nearly as quickly as me! (rora didn't eat a single bite for some weird reason, hope she's ok...)

smashed potatoes are so yum and on this ww core plan i am supposed to have 2 tspns of good oil per day. i struggle to add that most days! so i decided to make smashed potatoes, which you have seen elsewhere. if you make them on a tray (i used a baking dish taht was slightly too small) they look impressive for a special occasion, yet they're SO simple :D just steam / boil small scrubbed potatoes (i used nicola) til soft. grease a tray / dish. place potato in dish then squash them with something (i used a potato masher but they started to come out through the masher holes lol). drizzle olive oil over, season with salt and pepper as desired and sprinkle with smoked paprika. bake in a 200'c oven until golden with some cripsy bits.

carrots were baby carrots, peeled and halved. i wanted to make something like honey carrots but can't have honey on the core plan. i also decided to use the heat of the oven. place them in a baking dish with a lid - you want a dish that is just big enough to fit the carrots in. put in about 1-1.5cm of water, one crumbled chicken stock cube, and some sesame seeds. bake til just soft. (all the water evaporated from mine so i thought they'd be awful, especially without honey, but they were soooooo tender and sweet. yum

the sausages were made based on this recipe. i used:

1 small red onion
3 cloves of garlic
several sprigs of garlic

chop on speed 6. i had to scrape down a few times and do a few seconds at a time.

put in some bread crusts - i just used the ends leftover from this morning's loaf (ooops have just realised i wasn't supposed to have any more bread today. oh well, it would have been about 1/10th of a point's worth lol)

again speed 6 til you hear it stop hitting the sides. scrape down and repeat if desired.

add in 1kg premium beef mince (i would have made my own mince but i had mince in the fridge), 500g at a time. i had to use speed 4 to get it to mix thoroughly. just take the lid off and have a look through to make sure there are no unmixed parts.

take handfuls of the mix and roll into sausage shapes (or meatballs or whatever you want).

i cooked mine by placing on a rack, over a dish full of water and baking til brown all over.

this made enough for 2 meals for us.

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