breakfast this morning was what i am calling TM31+++ bread ;p I made it so it fitted into my core plan which allows for 2 slices of wholegrain bread per day without using points.

i made the basic TM31 bread recipe, which is made by milling whole wheat (i use organic) in the thermomix. i upped the amount of it from 100g to 170g and then reduced the plain flour by that amount. i then added in approximately 1/4 cup each of a 7 grain mix i have, sunflower seeds, pepita seeds and poppy seeds.

when i mixed the dough i did it all on reverse so the seeds weren't chopped to smithereens :D it was very nice with some bacon and baked beans for a core plan friendly breakfast...

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Thermomixer said...

As xmas looms it looks like I might need a WW tags too. :(

The bread sounds great. problem is I don't think I'd stop at 2 slices - unless they were really thick ;)

brazen's crafts said...

the point plan lets you have more than 2 slices of bread ;) (whatever you want really) i just don't have the brain power for counting points lol