Menu Plan

I know i haven't been in much lately, sorry! after our camping trip i was plain exhausted. add to that a bit of stress at work and whingey fighting children and i have been a bit busy....!

i have just (re)joined weight watchers too so my recipes and meal plans will be changing a little from now ;) (for those who are familiar with it I'll be mostly doing the core plan as counting points is too hard for me atm - i just forget more often than i remember)

spag bol
homemade beef sausages with roasted potatoes & salad
pizza - vegie & ricotta for me, supreme for g and garlic parmesan for the kids
pasta with bacon & vegies
grilled asian chicken with stir fry veg and rice
lasagne with vegies and ricotta / cottage cheese
pasta e fagioli

roasted sweet potato and moroccan rice (based on ww recipe)
chicken & salad rolls
tuna & rocket rolls

melbourne cup day party food - homemade hommus, beetroot dip, rice crackers & vegie sticks, fruit & a sour cream dip

need to buy:
beef (whole scotch fillet)
little potatoes
cottage cheese
chicken (lots)
brown rice
tuna in spring water
sour cream
fruit for platter

i will update with links / recipes later this weekend :)

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