Menu Plan (overdue!)

i have not had much luck with menu plans lately.... i either cna't be bothered to do one or i do it and it gets lost somewhere :S

here is what i can remember for this week:

sunday was pasta fagiole (tmx)
monday was a persian beef done in the slow cooker (which was too spicy in the end) with steamed green beans and pasta
tonight will be potato gnocchi with a roasted tomato sauce (hopefully, i'm not feelin much like making it atm)

then also on teh menu:
pumpkin and chive risotto (tmx)
chicken and capsicum fajitas
frittata with potatoes and any assorted veg we need to get rid of

saturday night i'm hosting a pot luck dinner for a friend who is visiting from melbourne, and a group of other girlfriends, we have a curry theme.
i'm making my low fat butter chicken, a vegie daal, rice and possibly some naan

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Anonymous said...

I was always losing my menu plan too, but now I have a whiteboard in the kitchen that I write it on, so it's easy to keep track of. Makes it heaps easier, and if DH cooks, he can easily see what was planned for that night, rather than bug me or have to hunt for the list.