curry curry curry!

Our friend Nicola is here this weekend from Melbourne so we are living it up (someone please send matchsticks for my eyes!)

Last night we hosted a pot luck curry night - yum!

this is what we had (i forgot to take any pics :()

me!: basmati rice, jasmine rice, homemade naan, low fat butter chicken, vegie daal, pilau, kofte
L: potato and chickpea curry and pappadums
nicola: thai beef mussamun curry
C: low fat Thai Green chicken curry
N: beef vindaloo
H: red thai curry and lamb madras curry
A: beef rogan josh

and yummies to follow:
S: carrot cake
I: orange sorbet
T: punch & omni
A: pavlova
N: lemon meringue pie
L: cheese platter

it was such a lovely night - very loud as everyone chatted and chatted to catch up! even though canberra is not so big with all of us busy with young families (and some older teens too) and most of us working at least part time, we don't get to catch up as often as we'd like.

the meal was delicious and the desserts the perfect end lol

as for my food, i have stories to tell but i will post more tonight...

we are off to the hyatt for afternoon tea, which must be seen to be believed - i will TRY to remember to take pics of that at least!


dixiebelle said...

Sounds like a great night was had, hope you enjoyed your afternoon tea too!

Thermomixer said...

Pot luck curry nights sound like a fantastic idea. They are always a winner and it's good to see what others like to make/eat.