Thermomix demo

last night i hosted a Thermomix demo for a friend who is very keen to get one but didn't want to host her own demo. now she is even more impressed ;)

i found a lovely local demonstrator who came and did the demo for us. this was our menu (yum)

orange & lemon sorbet - delicious and i loved the combo of orange with lemon rather than just lemon
garlic and herb dip - i only got 2 dips! it was so popular it went too quick :( lol (i must have greedy friends hehehehehehe)
beetroot and coriander salad - i loved this but there were a few who didn't, because of the coriander
TM31 bread - made with whole wheat
pasta e fagiole - this smelled sooooooooooo good as it cooked! tasted divine too. geoff had tried making it once and it wasn't this nice so we will have to try it again!
lemon custard - loved the lemony flavour but the zest left the custard a bit 'gritty', anyone got any tips to get around that? (we make the custard heaps for the kids over winter so it's definitely not the basic custard that's the problem) i suggested soaking the rind in vodka to make your own lemon essence :D

several of my other friends are now coveting one and tania is hoping to have her own demo to convince her dh ;)

i'm so pleased to have passed my obsession around LOL

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