Gold Coast Gluttony

well it kind of felt like gluttony yesterday as my tummy took all day to recover! i think i ate more than i do in a normal week, and i certainly drank more alcohol than i normally would in a whole year!!!

i don't have time to do a thorough post so here are some pics and a brief outline of our food and drink weekend...

after arriving on Friday morning and driving from brisbane to the gold coast we met some of the others at the Wildlife Cafe at Pacific Fair. Nic & I shared a so-so Nachos (only discovering that the meat sauce was under the corn chips when we got half way through!)

Friday night we had our own cocktail waiter in the gazebo by the pool at our destination - the Arc Resort in Broadbeach and we made the most of it (well until we got in the pool and couldn't be bothered to get out LOL we just got someone to bring down the 'Bucket o Love" and then we didn't have to get out ;) The girls who had organised the weekend provided munchies and the lady who runs the resort brought us hot food which was very good (but you wouldn't want to be a vegetarian lol)

she is from an asian background of some sort and it showed in the delicious snacks she made:
  • chicken teriyaki sticks
  • mini fritattas (no idea what was in these)
  • fried noodles with chicken
  • chicken balls
  • mini beef balls
drinks consumed by me on the night included
  • sex on the beach (above) - however we had no oj so we used cointreau instead ;)
  • c***sucking cowboy shots
  • oh gosh i can't even remember now! i know i had another cocktail before deciding to stick with the sex on the beach!
  • and of course the bucket of lurve (see the big pink bucket in the photos??)
i know there were lots of fruit tingles drunk, and cosmopolitans, but i can't remember what else! (maybe some of my fellow drinkers might remind me lol)

we finished early on friday night as there was a noise complaint - at 8:30pm LMAO!! can you believe it, 8:30pm!!! some people...

Saturday morning we headed off to Jamaica Blue at Pacific Fair where Carol had spotted a $10 cooked breakfast including coffee.

it was good and definitely good value - also just what the doctor ordered lol

lunch was a picnic of sorts - we bought bread, crackers, cheese and dips, and had a late lunch sitting around the coffee table in our room - we thought about going to eat by the pool but it seemed too far away hehehehe

Saturday afternoon was spent in the pool and included bottles of omni and a pseudo bucket o lurve (carol and laura just tipped most of the leftover alcohol and juice into the bucket and mixed it up lol it was delicious like lolly water but very very potent)

Saturday evening was included in the cost for the weekend and it was divine!!! we ate at Sage Restaurant. I'll scan our menu and post it but i had the
  • calamari - soooooo tender it nearly melted in the mouth. large serve with salad
  • Sage chicken - a HUMUNGOUS serve, with delicious chips and salad. i absolutely couldn't finish it all!
  • lemon meringue pie - this was ok, i think desserts are not their forte. they had put coconut on top of the meringe and toasted it all, it was a bit odd in taste and texture. the filling wasn't quite zesty enough for me (though many others were saying it was perfect).
  • we also got a few rounds of free drinks though this is where i hit the wall - i had one gin and tonic and that was it - i didn't finish my second one and not a drop more of alcohol passed my lips that weekend lol
we then went on to another bar (owned by the restaurant owner, we had been given vouchers for free drinks) where the others had a quick drink, but it was not quite our style! (the crowd too young and hip lol) and finally onto Howl at the Moon. i didn't stay long before heading home to bed...

Sunday morning we were up for an early swim and then packed and at Jupiters Casino for their buffet brunch by about 830am...

it's $24.50 for brunch on a sunday and you really do get your money's worth.

breakfast is all kinds of breakfast options - i had a cooked breakfast including bacon, eggs, tomatoes, little pancakes, followed by fruit and danishes.

a few hours later - we were there for 4 hours all up, we weren't flying out til 845pm so we had a LOT of time to fill in on sunday lol - i followed it up with a selection from the 'lunch' buffet as they had changed most of the buffet over at around 11am.

the others had cold meats and salads etc but i have to confess that i had a plate full of sweets. though i couldn't eat them all, but they were so worth the aching teeth lol i think i have a photo on my phone which i will get off soon...

after saying goodbye to the others carol and i went and lay by the beach just north of coolangatta. we read for 3 hours! then we finally headed to the airport to wait for our flight.

what an amazing weekend! i had a fantastic time :)

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