Thermomix Report - Buttermilk Bread

tonight i was too lazy to cook and geoff has hurt his back so unable. we had a little leftover spag bol (bought *blush* we have pizza but the kids prefer the spag) that the kids wanted so i raided the freezer.

talking about food waste... i have a shameful confession. i have 2 freezer full of food but i have no idea what 90% of it is as i never remember to label it *bigger blush* so tonight i found one that i thought looked like chicken cacciatore and sure enough it was (phew!)

it was sooooo good, the chicken was so tender but not overdone.

anyway, to go with it i decided to try the buttermilk bread in the TMX. less than 3 minutes and the dough was done. i set the timer for it to rise for 30 mins but with my ears (infected and having trouble hearing) i missed the timer lol no idea how long it rose but it didn't need long to double in size after i kneaded it down and shaped it LOL (long enough for us to walk to the field across teh road and for me to be licked by a cow, and then by a bull and then warned by the bull to GET OUT NOW!!! we walked quite quickly to the gate, listening to him bellow all the way! yikes!)

it also cooked MUCH quicker than the book said (in about 20 minutes)

it was quite nice! fluffier than the TM31 bread, similar to the foccacia but less oil and a bit crunchier outside. will definitely make it again :)

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