Hungarian Potato Casserole

thanks to Sharon, an online friend :) (hi sharon!)

you can also use chorizo or i'm guessing most other kinds of salami like sausage

1kg potatoes chopped into bite size chucks...not too small or they go too smooshy
I tub tomato paste
4 rashers of bacon, chopped
I big onion chopped
2 Tbsp sweet paprika
3-4 cups water
250g Polish sausage quartered and sliced...how thick is up to you but I cut mine about 3mm?

I do it in my cast iron pot on the stove, but Mum used the electric frypan or a big saucepan.

Fry onion and bacon, add chopped potatoes and polish sausage.
Mix 3 cups water with paprika and tomato paste in a jug, pour into pan.
Bring it to the boil, turn down low and cover. you might need to add extra water...just check.
It's cooked when the potatoes are soft and kind of smooshy.

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TheThingsIdTellYou said...

See, what I want to know is if "Smooshy" is the technical culinary term. ;)

I swear, I can't find it anywhere. :)