the Barbie cake report (but shhh don't tell my kids yet!)

it could have been a raging success but instead it was a bit of a disaster :( i know emelia and the other kids won't know so that's good but *I* know!

first i checked the height of the stacked cakes against barbie and then evened them off. Hot jam to stick them together and a hole in the middle with barbie wrapped in baking paper and voila, she is wearing a huge cake lol

i then rolled out the marzipan layer. i had gone to the 2 biggest supermarkets in belconnen and couldn't buy the orchard icing i usually use, or the orchard marzipan. the only marzipan i could get was about half the size of usual, so the layer i ended up with was paper thin and not going to achieve anything in smoothing out the lumps and bumps in teh cake!

after googling "fondant" icing and not having gelatine, i found an 'easy fondant icing' recipe based on condensed milk - BIG mistake!

it was sooo wet so i kept adding more icing sugar, and then when i went to roll it out and pick it up i discovered it just fell to pieces. it was soooo soft.

by that time it was after 10pm so i had to go with it. i put it on the cake but i couldn't even get it to cover the cake and stay on :( i tried to decorate it with pretty little hearts and silver cachous but no luck.

so off to the sewing machine to make a skirt (thank goodness i'd bought this fabric to make a skirt for rory to wear to dancing, which we never ended up doing!) quickly to cover up the mistakes!

all would have been well except g's aunt laughing at it - humph!

as it turned out the butter cake was divine (remember iwas complaining it wasn't a good recipe? i think i needed to leave it for a day or two before eating) and i hadn't mixed the mud cake well enough.

and as i thought the kids didn't notice a thing!!

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