Potato Gnocchi - wow!

i always thought that potato gnocchi would be too hard to make. but i was wrong! very wrong!

well, maybe it's harder without a thermomix, i'm not sure :p

anyway, i made it and it was very good. i doubt i'll buy it again if i can help it! i think i'll have the occasional gnocchi making session and then freeze quantities for quick dinners. i have to admit that i didn't 'pretty' mine up ie: roll into balls and press with a fork, but once they had sauce on them no one would know.

i used a combination of recipes from taste and used 1kg of potatoes which gave us just a little more than we needed for all 5 of us. other ingredients were salt (i use vegemare), plain flour and an egg.

i cooked the potatoes whole then i acutally refridgerated them for 24 hours as i wasn't feeling well enough to make the gnocchi on thursday night. i then peeled them, cut them into quarters or eighths and put them in the thermomix. i think next time i will chop them up in smaller quantities, about 300g at a time. as it was i used the interval setting with constant scrapedowns and stirs with the spatula, as well as having the spatula in the top, trying to mix as it chopped. it mostly did an ok job though there were some chunky bits (that didn't matter in the finished product). i added the other ingredients and had to mix on about 6 to get anything to happen! i only did that for a very short time then tipped it out and kneaded by hand for a minute or two. divided into about 6 or 8 pieces, rolled into 2cm 'snakes', cut into 1cm pieces and cooked them a serve at a time with a slotted spoon.

no comment on the sauce, it wasn't a success and i won't make it again! (undercooked onions)


Dani said...

I agree. I hardly ever used to make gnocchi pre-TM. Too messy/fiddly. It's a breeze with the TM. I rarely make mine pretty either.

Best thing is not having to buy it. It's almost impossible to find preservative free gnocchi.

brazen's crafts said...

yet another reason to <3 my thermomix ;)

and yeah, i hear you on the preservative free thing. luckily ryan and rory aren't as sensitive to it as they use to be but i still prefer to have as few as possible!