alack alas

stocking the pantry up and doing the homeshop delivery and the aldi shop in the same week has meant that we have no more space left on our card (i forget if it's credit or debit) so i'm unable to do a choku bai jo shop this week.

luckily i think i can still cope with our menu plan despite the lack of shopping (yes, we have that much F&V left from last week lol). we do have full pantries so we won't starve that's for sure!! (makes me wonder how people can afford to stockpile though when our full pantries will be mostly empty in 4-6 weeks)

tonight we had spaghetti pie - yum! though we made it a little differently because my printer wouldn't work and my memory doesn't last that long lol

on the weekend i made thermomix anzac biccies (with sunflower seeds in them) and a whole lemon cake based on the orange cake. it is pretty good :) i didn't bother with the syrup or icing sugar on top.

i'm sure i've done some other cooking lately but i've been a bad bad blogger and i forget what!

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