today's dips

i had planned to make beetroot dip, carrot dip and tzatziki.

i couldn't do the carrot as i forgot and put the last of my carrots in our spag bol sauce! (it's usually half vegies) so i did a white bean and feta dip after discovering the last of a block of feta in my fridge

1 tin butter beans, drained
some feta
some cream cheese (or sour cream perhaps)
a little olive oil
enough water to give the consistency you're after
fresh parsley
sprinkle of paprika

mash all ingredients until smooth or mix in thermomix (i forget, i think i did about 2o seconds on speed 4 or 6)

i also used jeff's tzatziki recipe (link later) and did my usual beetroot, though draining the yoghurt meant i didn't have enough lol

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Thermomixer said...

Sounds like we had similar experiences with not having all the ingreds. How did you find the texture with draining yoghurt?