a meat free week...

i've been meaning to do this for a while and keep procrastinating because meat is so much easier to cook with than vegies - you can toss it in the slow cooker whole and slice it up later, or let it fall to pieces. vegies NEED chopping. plus my kids are little carnivores.

anyway, i had no menu plan or list ready for today's choku bai jo shop so decided this week is it! so now i'm trawling for ideas.

so i've already decided the following -

one of the weekend nights will be a huge indian feast with a couple of vegie dishes, some fried breads and some accompaniments. that give me time to buy the spices i need too.

one night will be a simple pasta with sauce (after work)

dixie's roast vegie tacos (but in burritos, and with lentils)

chickpea and sweet potato fritters with soem more roast vegies in a ratatouille type dish

probably a soup of some kind

and a mexican style bean dish i can do in the slow cooker

in other news choku bai jo had BIG parsnips!!!! I have been desperate to make more of the honey roasted parsnip soup but as it is so time consuming as it is i wasn't going to faff about peeling finger sized parsnips lol

i have been disappointed lately though in their garlic, and also in the response i got when i told them (not complained, just told) as every bit of garlic i have bought in teh past few months has been mouldy :( so i've given up on garlic til november, which is when it is back in season again apparently, and am using horrid jarred stuff for now. i'm also hoping to plant some to try growing my own (i have a black thumb so we'll see lol)

and in still yet more news i broke my recipe book buying ban today for this book which is truely drool worthy Curry only problem (so i disocvered this afternoon) there are very few vegetable dishes in it!!!! it's 95% meat! we have a book seller who leaves discount books in our kitchen at work and though i often drool i generally convince myself i dont' really need it, but i just had to have this one, especially for only $16!


Thermomixer said...

Sorry, been busy. Good to see somebody else breaking bans on buying books. I get so annoyed with myself for an hour or so after realising the errors of my ways, but then I drool like you over the contents and feel sooooo much better. Another fix. Need therapy.

Thermomixer said...

Sorry, didn't have my Thermomix hat on - you can chop up so many of the vegies in that machine. How about veg moussaka?