not much going on in this house lately...

i'm still not feeling great (still coughing heaps morning and night, and feeling so tired and run down) and rory is sick too. so not in the mood to cook.

on tuesday i did make cupcakes - just a plain buttercake recipe for the kids but i juiced some very old locally grown lemons and put the juice in with poppyseeds to do some for myself and ryan (he refused to eat them with seeds in them lol) they were sooooo tangy and divinely delicious! they didn't stay fresh for long though.

this week i didn't have the energy for a choku bai jo shop so i did an organic express shop instead. i was convinced not only by not having to leave the house LOL but also by the availability of sugar snap peas, which the whole family adores! they're actually out of season so choku bai jo doesn't have them anymore :( (or corn which is the other favourite of everyone else in the house)

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