Spiced Sweet Potato Scones

to your favourite scone recipe (i just used the thermomix recipe which is not my usual) add:

1 medium white sweet potato / kumara, steamed or microwaved until soft enough to mash (you could also use the orange, i just thought it would be hidden more if i used white ;))

nutmeg, around 1/4 tspn (unless you're a huge nutmeg fan, which i am not!)
cinnamon, 1/2 tspn
cardmom, 1 tspn

if you're doing it in the thermomix add the spices with the other dry ingredients, then when breadcrumbed add the sweet potato in large chunks and quickly mix through on speed 7 until smooth. continue the recipe as it says - though it might be a little wetter than usual so you could adjust the amount of milk or add more flour as you roll it out as i did.

cook and eat as usual. YUM!

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