foodly update

yes i know foodly is not a real word lol i have been too flat out this week to blog at all...

so let me see - on thursday geoff stayed home with rory (who has a chest infection) and i asked him to make this soup - i was really in the mood for checkpeas for some reason! while it was nice it was not quite what i was after - i think another tin or two of chickpeas and it might have been right. as it was it seemed really quite similar to this soup of mine. (though maybe my memory of the second is faulty, the recipes seem quite different lol)

last night of course was the maccas birthday dinner (gosh their burgers are pathetic, i have only eaten the deli choices rolls for the past years and the chicken burger i had was so tiny and shockingly bad!)

tonight i am going to make Dani's Javanese Beef Curry in the slow cooker. i'll still do the beans one night but probably slot it into the end of the week's plans.

yesterday of course involved making birthday cakes (yes, multiple). first thing in the morning i realised i hadn't made anything for ryan to take to preschool (i had also forgotten it was his birthday til mum reminded me but that's another story lol). so i whipped up a batch of carrot cup cakes (last time we did a big aldi shop i stocked up on cooking butter but g froze it all - aaagh! so i went for the butter free carrot cakes). they were literally straight out of the oven into a container to preschool so no frosting lol

then in the afternoon i made his birthday cake which was pretty much a disaster...
if you have a look at the picture here, the story is underneath

plus... i remembered this mroning that i had planned to put blue and green sparkly sprinkles all over it too and totally forgot - but i guess that's what happens when you have less than an hour to decorate a cake from scratch as well as getting 3 children and yourself dressed, picking up your mother (who thankfully helped with the dressing children part) and drive to the maccas of choice!

PS: thank goodness it wasn't a party, just 2 of his friends for dinner (their families also tagged along ;)b)

i also have some soups to make this weekend after my choku bai jo shop on thursday - i bought a 6kg pumpkin to cook up (i'm hoping for a recipe where i can roast the pumpkin mostly whole to save the effort of cutting it up LOL and parsnips which i'm thinking i might use in this recipe, it sounds delish!

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