Weekly planning...

time to post a few recipes from my collection already typed up on the puter ;)

just waiting for one to open - my puter is in the late stages of dying and until g can reformat it and rescue me i need to be very very patient...

in the meantime i did my weekly shop at choku bai jo yesterday. i know i bought a lot of F&V as i still haven't had time to buy any meat so we are eating vegetarian atm (and funnily not a complaint from anyone yet) but why is it that i always buy 3-4 times more than anyone else in the shop???!!! i spent $73 and this is what i got:

apples (about 6 or so)
oranges (about 4)
3 punnets strawberries ($3 ea)
kiwifruit (4)
dill ($1.20)
chard x 2 ($3 ea)
3-4 green capsicums
1 red capsicums
heaps of carrots
few tomatoes
lettuce ($1)
eggs x 2 (freerange, $4.50 ea)
about 3-4 kg potatoes (half of 2 different kinds i can't remember but both teensy ones, one good for salad and one good for roasting or mashing)
beetroot (3, think that was $3)
plums ($1.20 for about 10)
avocado ($1.50 i think)
bananas (about 3-4 kg, i think they're $10.50 or around $3/kg)
asian greens
and shallots / spring onions or whatever you call them!

last night i used the asian greens and one of the carrots, plus sweet potato and potato from last week and made a very quick (as we weren't home til 6pm) vegie stirfry with satay sauce made from peanut butter. it was very popular :)

other things on teh menu are
spanakopita (or my version at least) tonight
homemade pizza
a warm potato salad with a green salad and grilled meat (chicken or steak)
a chocolate cake with beetroot in it!
and more beetroot dip ;)

hmmm not sure what else. i need to use last week's cabbage, the zucchinis, a few capsicums and corn on the cob, as well as the shallots. so maybe a warm asian salad such as a thai tofu one, plus a meal of meat and 3 veg to keep g happy LOL - that will be the zucchinis steamed, mashed potato and steamed corn on the cob (totally not m sort of meal, in fact i think he can cook it ;))

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