this is one of geoff's favourites. my mum makes it just for him - awwwwww! it's not one of my faves, not sure why! it's ok though lol

4 chicken breast fillets
2 tabs olive oil
1 onion chopped
1 clove garlic crushed
1 small green pepper, chopped
410g (13oz) can tomatoes
2 small chicken stock cubes, crumbled
2 cups water
1 cup risoni pasta
1/4 tspn chilli powder
1/2 tspn season pepper
1/4 tspn dried thyme leaves
100g (3.5 ounces) leg ham, chopped
1/4 cup black olives, chopped

Cut chicken into 1 cm strips. Heat oil in pan, add chicken, cook stirring, until lightly browned and tender; drain chicken on absorbent paper.

Add onion, garlic and pepper to pan, cook, stirring until onion is soft. Stir in undrained crushed tomatoes, stock cubes, water, pasta, chilli, pepper and thyme. Bring to boil, simmer, covered for about 10 mins or until pasta is tender.

Add chicken, ham and olives to pan, simmer covered for further 10 mins or until most of liquid has been absorbed.

Serves 4

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