Gluten Free "Turkish Rice"

you know that delicious rice you get from turkish restaurants, with the risoni pasta in it? obviously rora hasn't been able to eat it in the past 5 years...

i decided to try concocting a GF version and it was far more delicious than i expected! looked great too :)

only rough amounts as i didn't measure anything...

1 tablespoon red or black quinoa, placed in a 1/4 cup measure and filled up with
white quinoa
1 cup basmati rice
2 tspns vegie stock concentrate (or chicken, or 2 stock cubes)
finely chopped parsley, to taste
splash of olive oil

soak the quinoa in a bowl of boiling water for about 20-30 minutes. rinse well and place in rice cooker.

add rice, stock and required amount of water (i measure with my finger and thumb so no idea how much, is it 2 or 3 cups water to each cup rice?) and cook.

stir and leave to sit for 5 mins.

add parsley and oil and stir again, serve

we had ours with bbq'd chicken and lamb (with sumac sprinkled on), a tossed salad, dips and turkish bread (not for rora though next time i'm going to try making her a foccacia with kalonji seeds on it ;))

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