Menu Plan - it worked!

not only was the 2 week menu plan so much better for us, but I also had the idea of writing the menu plan up on a piece of laminated paper so we could tick off what we'd had the kids could pick most nights - it worked amazingly well!!! there were hardly any complaints compared to usual and we had a few discoveries such as the fact that the kids have now decided they LOVE sloppy joes and wedges! and spinach and potato soup is one of their favourite dinners! LOL

so as you can see from the picture, on this week's menu is...

baked potatoes
sausages with salad
chicken jambalaya
sloppy joes and wedges
pasta fagiole
fried rice
spaghetti bolognese
spinach & potato soup
pasta carbonara
pumpkin risotto
butter chicken

hmmmm i need to tick some of those boxes already!

we have kept ordering the large seasonal box from vegies to your door and been very happy with it. a box lasts us around 10 days (which works well with them delivering several times a week) except for needing to buy more fruit to top it up.

our strawberry plants have been doing really well and i've been able to send ryan to school with homegrown berries most days for his fruit break!!!

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