food and blogging

I have been on my blog a lot lately, believe it or not – as I have been using the recipes for work. Boy we eat a lot of chicken, I had no idea!! Lol


Food and cooking and I have not been friends lately. A combination of thinking about it too much at work perhaps, the increasing fussiness of Ryan and Rora, being tired after working a lot more days and hours than I’m used to, struggling to come up with meals that everyone can / will eat. Even having the ingredients because shopping is getting trickier – we seem to be insanely busy on weekends and often don’t get near a supermarket despite needing stuff! I’ve also been spending lots of time on weekends sewing clothes for my girls, as money in a bit tight atm (yes, crazy that money is worse now I’m working but blame child care costs, hoping that will improve next year!) as well as sewing for others to make a bit of extra pocket money.


I decided last weekend that it was ridiculous trying to shop every weekend so we are going to try to shop fortnightly instead (hard to train g to buy in bulk but I can try ;)) and I have just ordered our first order from vegies to your door http://vegiestoyourdoor.com.au – it was fabulous! Very impressed and will definitely order from them again. (at least until choku bai jo ever gets its act together and does home delivery ;))


So anyway, apologies for not being around and not updating. Maybe things might settle a bit next year, one can hope!


Cat J B said...

Best of luck! I have discovered, after asking round at my local farmer's market, that some stall holders will actually deliver, so yes, make the most of places that you can order from over the net and have them delivered to your door.

2 days working full time with a 1 yr old and 4 yr old in daycare brought our family to it's knees as far as organisation of house and meals went. So I gave it up and saved my sanity. And my husband's, I suspect.

Deep breath, hope things settle down soon.

brazen's crafts said...

i wish it was even an option not to work! but for $$ reasons and my mental health i need to work - however I havne't worked 4 days since before children. it's a lot, especially with a commute of 40-60 mins each way as well.

J said...

I hear you with the fussiness. Our Lily is self-selecting her diet down to red capsicum, broccoli, meat and chocolate. Making breakfasts very interesting around here.

I feel your pain sister!

Karen TW said...

oh jude, i can imagine how tricky that is! lots of frittatas? lol (or are eggs out too?)

ryan has asperger syndrome so he does have a good reason but still doesn't make mealtimes any easier!