More Master So Scrumptiousness!

Today we managed to get rid of both our boys so i decided it was a good day for a another visit to Master So - our local chinese restaurant, which has gluten free options (we hadn't managed to get back there since our last visit)

funnily Emelia was wearing her supergirl shirt again so the owner recognised us straight away and asked if I was the lady who wrote about them on my blog - so this is a big hello to her :D she is hoping to have their menu updated soon to make gluten free options easier to see

today we ordered lots (taking it home for dinner for geoff & i too ;)) and it was all utterly delicious, especially the yum cha... mmmm

Har Gau (Prawn Dumpling)
BBQ Pork Bun (not GF)
Beef Chow Mein done GF
Garlic Chicken and rice

apparently the people at the next table were in the photo from our last visit too lol

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