Meal Plan

this could be a work in progress, as I shopped at Choku Bai Jo today and i decided that as I didn't know what they'd have, I'd meal plan after. lucky i did as they were nearly out of a lot of stuff. no thanks to the lady who took the best bananas after hearing me say to ryan "please get all the bananas left there". haha to her as they bought out more - better ones! teehee

anyway, here's the plan so far and the other things i bought, suggestions welcome...

cauli & bacon soup - huge pot for the freezer as well as dinner
beef stroganoff & garlic bread
sweet potato something - soup or a casserole or something
a dish with pork fillet - perhaps an asian salad or noodley dish
something with cabbage - i'm tossing up between minestrone or cabbage cooked slowly with bacon (mmmmm) with a meat & veg.
I guess i need a veg dish too, lotta meat above

carrot cake
chocolate cake
GF bread

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