Meal Plan

oh... my... goodness...

this morning as rora and i were up early and the others were all out at a joey scout sleepover i decided we'd run to the supermarket so as not to waste time during the day (plus we were out of maple syrup and wanted pancakes for breakie hehehehe) so we ducked to Coles at the mall...

i nearly died at the total at the checkout! because i usually try to shop at the cheapest places (aldi, choku bai jo, discount stores etc) i always forget just how expensive the major supermarkets are, especially considering the quality of the fresh produce compared to other places. *sigh* that's the price you pay for convenience i guess!

so anyway, having shopped with no menu plan i need to work out a rough menu so as not to waste what i have bought.

cauliflower and bacon soup (also for freezer)
spag bol
sausages, mash & veg
potato & spinach curry & dahl
something with beef in the slow cooker

butter cake
chocolate cake
GF bread

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